Chinook (NZ)


This US variety grown in New Zealand shares many of the same characteristics as its northern hemisphere counterpart. Released in 1985 and becoming increasingly more popular, Chinook has a very strong grapefruit character in both the rub of the hop and in the beer.

Chinook is popular in American style beers such as Pale Ale and India Pale ale, but extends itself well to seasonal ales and darker beers including porters, stouts, and barley wines. Its distinct, medium intensity spice and pine characteristics with subtle notes of grapefruit make it a wonderful addition to many beer styles.

Alpha Acid %: 10.5%
Use: Dual Pupose
Aroma: Citrus, Pine, Spicy
Substitute: Columbus, Nugget
Grown: NZ

Choose between 50g or 100g

All of our hops are vacuum sealed in plastic bags and stored dark below 2°. The bags are compatible with household vacuum sealers for easy resealing at home.

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