Ekuanot (US)



Ekuanot is the replacement name for Equinox™ brand HBC 366 hops.

Developed by Hop Breeding Company and released in 2014, Ekuanot™ Brand HBC 366 features pronounced aroma characteristics and extremely high oil content.

Specific descriptors include melon, berry, orange peel, lime, papaya, pine and fresh peppers.

Alpha Acid %: 13-15.5
Use: Dual Pupose
Aroma: Citrus, Tropical Fruit, Fruity
Substitute: Chinook, Cluster
Grown: USA

Choose between 50g or 100g

All of our hops are vacuum sealed in plastic bags and stored dark below 2°. The bags are compatible with household vacuum sealers for easy resealing at home.

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