Strata (US)



Strata is a relatively new hop on the scene that has been used in Hazy IPAs from some of New Zealand’s leading craft breweries.

Strata has been described as “Passion fruit meets pot.” It brings layered notes of tropical fruit including mango, passion fruit, melon, fresh berry/strawberry, and some citrus in the form of grapefruit.

Late hot side additions of Strata have been said to bring out more of the tropical fruit flavours that the hop possesses, while dry hopping tends to pronounce the grapefruit and danker characteristics.

Our current stock is 2020 crop from Indie Hops.

Alpha Acid %: 11.7
Use: Dual Pupose
Aroma: Passionfruit, Tropical Fruits, Citrus, Strawberry, Cannabis
Grown: USA

Choose between 50g and 100g pack sizes.

All of our hops are vacuum sealed in plastic bags and stored dark below 2°. The bags are compatible with household vacuum sealers for easy resealing at home.

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