Styrian Golding (NZ)


Styrian Golding, also called Savinja Golding, is a traditional hop grown primarily in Slovenia, but now also in New Zealand.

It is not actually part of the golding family, instead Styrian Golding is a relative of Fuggle Hops and carries much of its attributes.

Styrian Golding is a lovely aroma hop and exhibits resinous, earthy flavors that are perhaps considered slightly more refined than Fuggle. It has also been described as imparting subtle aromas of white pepper to a brew.

Alpha Acid %: 4.5-7.5
Use: Aroma
Aroma: Fruit, Spicy
Substitute: Fuggle
Grown: NZ

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All of our hops are vacuum sealed in plastic bags and stored dark below 2°. The bags are compatible with household vacuum sealers for easy resealing at home.

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